They provided information to two journalists, handcuffed to a US intelligence official - Old Daily

A Counter-Terrorism Analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency was arrested Wednesday for providing classified material about a foreign weapon system for two reporters in 2018 and 2019, the US Department of Justice said as it filed the case with a court federal agency, Reuters news agency reports.

The information that 30-year-old Henry Kyle Frese provided to a journalist with whom he had a romantic relationship was presented in at least eight different reports, the Justice Department told the Virginia court.

The names of the two journalists have not been made public.

The information provided has raised concerns about the capacity of a foreign state’s weapons system.

The Washington Post has said authorities have refused to identify the system in question, according to

The lawsuit alleges that Frese gave information to the woman with whom he had a romantic affair, who then shared the data with a journalist from another medium.

Authorities have said that the motive behind Fresa’s work was to help the journalist get promoted.